Chris Kase
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Escalones [ 4:49 ]


Mediant Motion [ 5:13 ]


Esperanto [ 6:10 ]


Ode [ 8:03 ]


For A Weill [ 5:46 ]


Nettles [ 4:45 ]


U. M. B. [ 5:40 ]


Estelar [ 6:38 ]


Folk Intro [ 1:33 ]


Scarborough Fair [ 5:37 ]


A Life In Silence [ 5:36 ]

Chris Kase trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet (4) electric bass (9) · Mariano Díaz piano · Paco Charlín acoustic bass
Daniel García
drums · Joaquín Chacón guitar (1,4,6,10) · Bob Sands tenor sax (3,5,7,8)
Recorded at the Production House, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)
15 -16 June 2006

One of the top five Spanish Jazz releases of 2009.
- Cuadernos de Jazz

Fifth solo album of the North American trumpeter who has lived for more than a decade in Madrid, in which he demonstrates the round, warm, soft touch that has become his trademark. Kase finds the inspiration for his compositions in musicians such as Dave Douglas, Ornette Coleman, Jaco Pastorius and classical composer Kurt Weill, as well as popular standards in the case of "Estelar", based on Victor Young's "Stella by Starlight." An introspective disc, tranquil, at times sparse, in which slow and medium tempo tempi are the protagonists throughout.
© Jota Punto,

Trumpeter Chris Kase is a luxury in a country, which for many years, has lacked a first-class representative of the jazz trumpet. He is a trumpet player who possesses a round, warm sonority which at times can even confuse the listener as to whether the trumpet or flugelhorn is the instrument being heard (or cornet, which is heard on the title tune). His sound is kind, never aggressive, and he moves with great agility in an ample range. His discipline as an instrumentalist is parallel to his discipline as a composer. His compositions are well thought-out, not mere excuses for improvisation Perhaps more important than the creation of a concise, sing-able melody is his capacity to create an ambience, a sonic palette that determines from beginning to end the expression of his music. In Chris' music lies an admirable unity and cohesion.
© Carlos Pérez Cruz,

The quality of the musicians involved guarantees the success of this venture, but it's the title cut which airs the best creative spirit of the album and the most emotive interpretation by Kase who, as usual, shines with his clean, classic phrasing, but also with his lyricism.
© Quinito L. Mourelle, Cuadernos de Jazz * * * *



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